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 Palomar's Equity Protector Program 


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15% Standard
5% Comprehensive
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Other Deductible Request: (Palomar Specialty can go as low as 2.5% or as high as 25%!)


For QBE/Universal/ICAT and  only

 Pool Endorsement (up to $25,000) / Increased Loss of Use (up to 20% of Cov A, Max $100,000)-Select Carriers Only 

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Corian, Granite, Authentic Marble Counter tops:


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Corian, Granite, Authentic Marble Counter top

Commercial Style Refrigerator

More than one oven

6 or more total range top burners

Center island w/ cabinets or sink

 Please select up to six (6) siding types. Indicate the percentage of each type of material by entering a value of 0-100 for each item (or leave blank if 0%).





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 Swimming Pool Characteristics: 


 Please check if applicable

Central Fire Alarm
Burglar Alarm

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 Current Fire Ins. Carrier Name 
(For QBE/Universal/ICAT/Palomar quotes):


 Coverage A -Dwelling
(For QBE/Universal/ICAT/Palomar 


 Coverage C - Contents
(For QBE/Universal/ICAT/Palomar Condo quotes):


 Coverage D - Loss of Use
(For Palomar Quotes):


 Coverage E - Loss Assessment
 (For Palomar Quotes):






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