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Motorcycle Insurance

You might be new to owning a motorcycle or you might be an enthusiast with years of riding experience. But, one thing that is consistent across the board is the importance of having the right motorcycle policy to meet your needs.

If the unexpected happens, insurance gives you peace of mind in knowing you are protected. There are a variety of motorcycle policy options to meet your needs. Let your insurance policy expert explain the different liability limits; comprehensive, collision, uninsured motorist and medical coverages, in addition to the deductibles that are available to you.

Here are some things to look for when choosing a specialized insurance policy for your motorcycle:

  • Safety apparel coverage to protect your investment in helmets, leathers, gloves and any other clothing designed to minimize injury in the event of an accident
  • Optional equipment coverage for chroming, custom painting, side cars or anything else that was not included as standard by the manufacturer
  • Optional towing and roadside assistance in case your bikes breaks down and can’t be ridden when you're away from home because you run out of gas, get a flat, or have other mechanical issues
  • Optional replacement cost coverage on bikes purchased new and insured within 30 days

Remember, having the right motorcycle insurance coverage benefits you, your bike and others on the road.

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