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Residential Earthquake

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Geovera Insurance Company for all homes  (Single Limit -$1.5 million coverage limit and $2 million on renewal). Click here for additional Geovera Insurance Company product information.

QBE Insurance Corporation for clients wanting 10% deductible(Individual coverage deductibles - $5 million cov. limit)* Click here for additional QBE Insurance Corporation product information.***QBE Insurance offers an endorsement which extends coverage for swimming pools up to $25,000!!!  Offer this to all of your clients with pools.

Universal North America AMBest Rated A-, Admitted. Eligible risks are units up to two units.  Values may exceed $1,000,000.00 up to $2,000,000 on underwriter approval.

Retrofit Form applies to QBE Insurance and Universal North America ONLY.
***Homes built before 1955 must be written with retrofitting documents signed by a licensed contractor or inspector licensed to work in the State of California.

ICAT Earthquake Admitted AMBest AXV
    Offers great rates and a as low as 5% deductible in most areas with $2.5 million split limit coverage. Instead of single-limit and low-limit coverage offered by some providers, ICAT Earthquake Homeowner insurance offers separate limits and deductibles for each line of coverage.
    Full coverage for contents and enhanced coverage for swimming pools and the cost of being displaced from your home are also available. In addition, Standard coverage is available in most areas.

AEGIS SPECIALTY Insurance Company Admitted AMBest AVII
Earthquake Insurance Highlights

Deductibles from 5% to 25% offered for both Basic and Comprehensive policies

  • Comprehensive Protection includes $25,000 in swimming pool coverage and up to $100,000 Loss of Use limits
  • Dwelling values up to $1,000,000
  • Dwellings built in 1900 or newer with 1 to 4 units titled in the name of insured or family trust accepted
  • Qualifies Aegis primary or secondary residence, or motorcycle policy for a multi-policy discount 

Palomar Specialty - Admitted A- (VII) rated carrier
EQUITY Protector EQ Program
Key Highlights & Features
• Revolutionary earthquake insurance policy that provides for the protection of $50,000 or $75,000 in Coverage A losses above a 1% deductible
• Allows Californians to more affordable protect their largest asset from the peril of earthquake
• For existing earthquake insurance policyholders, provides an opportunity to buy-down the deductible
• Priced at the ZIP code level. Each Zip code has a unique assigned rate that adequately prices for risk

High Value Residential EQ! 
Palomar Specialty - Admitted A- (VII) rated carrier         

  • Dwellings in Los Angeles County over $3 million Coverage A with limits up to $10 million total insured value
  • Dwellings outside of Los Angeles County over $5 million Coverage A with limits up to $10 million total insured value

 We also write earthquake coverage for commercial buildings of all types considered. Please visit our commercial earthquake section


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